About On Hand VAs

Setting the bar for motivated, trained VAs – so that insurance agencies like you can save costs and build a team you can count on!

On Hand VAs

Like you, we know all the pains of finding the right candidate for your agency.

It’s already hard enough to find the right person with the right skills for your agency. You invest time in training them and sometimes they don’t even seem motivated to stay. 

We want to change that. And we think we have the answer.

It comes down to:

1. finding phenomenal people
2. training them in insurance
3. pairing them with the right insurance agency

That’s the key: the human fit.

VAs need to feel valued and confident, just like your team members. So we’re giving them a leg up – and saving you all the costs! 

On Hand VAs

On Hand VAs was founded by Michael Cruz.

Virtual Assistants were key to growing his insurance agency, Foresight Insurance.

Cruz saw an opportunity to help agency owners overcome the challenge of hiring, training and retaining staff.

The training provided to our VAs is the same training we use at Foresight Insurance.

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