Hire trainedbilingual VAs for your insurance agency

On Hand VAs

Trained specifically in insurance

Fluent in English & Spanish

Fast - 2 weeks from hiring to team member

On Hand VAs

On Hand VAs

Minimize the chaos, and maximize your agency profits by delegating low-level tasks to a trained Virtual Assistant.

Non-License Customer Support- Phone Calls, Emails & Texts

Certificate of Insurance & Policy Documents Requests
Back Office Quoting Support (New Business & Renewals)

Monitor carrier alerts daily (Nonpay Cancellations & underwriting requests)

Mortgagee Change Requests & Insurance Verification
Administrative Tasks
On Hand VAs

The Fast Start Approach

Ready to minimize the chaos, increase profits, and deliver a consistent client experience? We help you create and implement streamlined agency processes.

We invest in the VA for you ahead of time, so that you can hire, onboard, and fast start.

How do we do this?

Our insurance agency spent years building proven templates for tasks, standards and processes. 

We do the hard work of vetting and training VAs, so you don’t have to. 

4 steps to getting started:

1. Book a Consultation

Let’s talk about your agency and the tasks you want to delegate. 

2. Interview & Hire

We provide you with an introduction video potential candidates, their resume, and a skills assessment.

3. Training

We train your Virtual Assistant in insurance foundation, soft skills and tasks specific to your agency needs. 

4. Onboard & Fast Start

We’ll help you prioritize the tasks you’ll want your VA to start with!

How do we protect your data?

Our VAs use AWS WorkSpaces to securely access data & applications.

Our management team uses Teramind to monitor VAs productivity & insider threat prevention.